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About Us

How we do

Our concept is to deliver sarees directly from manufacturer to consumer.  Our weavers craftsmanship and hard work reaches you at cheaper price.  We give the high quality export quality sarees at very competitive price. By buying our saree, you could save about 40% to 60% comparatively, when you purchase form outside.  We offer huge variety of hand-picked attractive sarees like a boutique.  Simply we are like yours friend boutique, who gives you the best of best at very competitive price.

We make shopping easy

Our website is simple and easy to order the product.  We have the choice to pay by credit or debit card or cash on delivery. If you want to return our courier partner will pick up from you at free of cost.

What we offer

We concentrate on natural fiber skin friendly saree  like Pure cotton, linen saree, and durable sarees with other filament yarns. We provide clear idea about the product, Material, Wash care instruction,