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When will I get my money back?

Your money will be credited within 3-7 working days from the time we receive the returned product in our warehouse.

Will I get cash or will I get some sort of store credit/points etc..

We will refund prepaid orders to the source of the payment. In case of COD all refunds will be made thru NEFT. Please provide your bank Account Name, Account Number, Branch name and IFScode. Please note:- we will NOT be able to process refunds in the form of bank cheques or demand drafts.

Its been almost a week since I requested for a refund. I’ve still not seen it hit my bank account?

This would happen either because your product has not reached our warehouse or your bank account details were incorrect. In either scenario please contact us immediately.

I don’t have a bank account and I want the refund money by cheque. How and when can I get it?

We don’t process refunds in form of cheque or DD. Please provide a friends or family members bank account for us to process the refund.

How will you refund courier charges?

Refund of return shipping will be made in form of loomtohome.com vouchers. No other shipping charges will be refunded.

What is the limit for the courier charges? Can I use any courier?

We refund upto Rs. 100 per kg towards return courier charges. Please make sure that you don’t spend more than this.

Refund Mode?

Refund will be processed through NEFT within 10 working days